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Glover Park Moratorium Zone


The Glover Park Moratorium Zone (GPMZ) has been in effect, with some modifications, since 1999. The moratorium prohibits the issuance of any new on-premises retailer’s licenses, class CT, CN, CX, DN, DT, or DX, and restricts license holders from transferring its license to a location within the zone.


The Glover Park Moratorium Zone is more specifically described as:

  • Beginning at Tunlaw Road and Fulton Street
  • East on Fulton Street to Wisconsin Avenue
  • South on Wisconsin Avenue to Edmunds Street
  • East on Edmunds Street to Massachusetts Avenue
  • Southeast on Massachusetts Avenue to Observatory Circle
  • Southwest around Observatory Circle to Calvert Street
  • West on Calvert Street to Wisconsin Avenue
  • Southeast on both sides of Wisconsin Avenue to 35th Street
  • South on 35th Street to Whitehaven Parkway
  • West on Whitehaven Parkway to 37th Street
  • North on 37th Street to U Street
  • West on U Street to a point of intersection of Huidekoper Place and W Street
  • West on W Street to 39th Street
  • North on 39th Street to Davis Place
  • East on Davis Place to Tunlaw Road
  • North and Northwest on Tunlaw Road to Fulton Street


The GPMZ exempts hotel licenses (CH/DH).


On April 12, 2023, the Board adopted the West Dupont Circle Moratorium Zone Notice of Emergency Rulemaking, by a vote of six (6) to zero (0), and it became effective on that date. These emergency rules will remain in effect for no longer than one hundred and twenty (120) days, expiring August 10, 2023, unless superseded.