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Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone


The Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone (AMMZ) has been in effect, with certain modifications, since 2000.

The current rulemaking:

  • Renews the Adams Morgan Moratorium for three years
  • Increases the cap on the number of CT, DT, CX, and DX retailer licenses to 16
  • Maintains all other restrictions in the existing moratorium


The Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone is more specifically described as beginning at 18th Street and Vernon Street, NW; and proceeding on both sides of all streets, unless otherwise noted:

  • West on Vernon Street to 19th Street
  • Northwest on 19th Street to Wyoming Avenue
  • Southwest on Wyoming Avenue to 20th Street
  • Northwest on 20th Street to Belmont Road
  • West on Belmont Road to Waterside Drive
  • North on Waterside Drive to Allen Place
  • East on Allen Place to 20th Street
  • North on 20th Street to Biltmore Street
  • North on Biltmore Street to Calvert Street
  • East on Calvert Street to Lanier Place
  • Northeast on Lanier Place to Adams Mill Road
  • Northwest on Adams Mill Road, and then Northeast to Ontario Road; East on Ontario Road to Lanier Place
  • Northeast on Lanier Place to Quarry Road
  • Southeast on Quarry Road to Columbia Road
  • Northeast on Columbia Road to Mozart Place
  • South on Mozart Place to Euclid Street
  • East on Euclid Street to 16th Street
  • South on the West side of 16th Street to Florida Avenue
  • Southwest on Florida Avenue to U Street
  • West on U Street to 18th Street, Washington, D.C.


The AMMZ exempts:

  • Restaurant CR/DR licenses
  • Hotels CH/DH licenses
  • Off-Premises Retailer A/B licenses


The ABC Board approved the Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone Notice of Fifth Emergency and Proposed Rulemaking, by a 3-0 vote on April 11, 2024.

The Board intends to take final rulemaking action in not less than 30 days after publication of this notice in the D.C. Register. These proposed rules will be sent to the DC Council Council for the District of Columbia for a 90 day review period. The emergency rules shall remain in effect for 120 days, expiring on August 9, 2024, unless superseded by an emergency or final rulemaking.