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Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Administration

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Certificate of Clean Hands for Alcohol Licenses

Alcohol retailer licenses are issued for three (3) periods with all establishments of the same class and type expiring on the same date. Renewal applications must include a Certificate of Clean Hands, issued by the District’s Office and Tax and Revenue (OTR), for all persons listed on the license as a president, vice-president, managing member, shareholder, or sole member and the business entity.

Topics covered in this info session:

  • Alcohol license application requirements, process, and timeline
  • Process for requesting and requirements to receive a Clean Hands Certificate
  • OTR compliance payment plan arrangements
  • OTR primary point of contact for questions regarding Clean Hands Certificates


  • Amy Fields, Supervisory Revenue Officer, Office of Tax and Revenue
  • James Thomas, Clean Hands and Revenue Specialist, Office of Tax and Revenue
  • Sean Gordy, Licensing Division Manager—Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Administration

    A recording of this session is available here.