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Medical Cannabis - Certification Training Provider


Medical Cannabis Certification Providers are businesses approved by the ABC Board to conduct educational trainings on compliance with DC law regarding medical cannabis, medical cannabis use, security, and theft prevention.

All employees and representatives of a licensed medical cannabis business are required to complete training from a Board approved certification provider and submit to ABCA a valid certificate issued by the provider with their annual registration.

Two (2) businesses have been issued Medical Cannabis Certification Providers Permits. They are:


Applicants must meet general qualification requirements including being at least 21 years of age. An applicant must be current on all tax filings and not owe the District more than $100.00.

To Apply or Register

Permit applicants must submit a Medical Cannabis Certification Provider Permit Application. Permit applicants must include a copy of the proposed training materials, curriculum, and examinations with both their initial and renewal applications.

Enrollment of employees and representatives in a certification provider’s training program is the responsibility of the affiliated medical cannabis business and must be done directly through the medical cannabis facility’s approved provider of choice. ABCA does not facilitate registrations or issue training certificates.

Valid Period and Fees

Certification Provider Permits are valid for three (3) years. Permit providers are required to include payment of the annual fee for the entire three (3) year period with their application. See Fee and Renewal Schedule.

Medical Cannabis Certification Provider certificates must be valid at the time a registration application for an employee or a representative of a licensed medical cannabis business is submitted to ABCA. Training fees are at the discretion of the provider.

Licensees are expected to submit training certificates with employee and representative applications. If a new employee or representative cannot complete the training prior to their start date, the licensee may request a temporary registration by emailing a signed written request to [email protected].

If approved, the employee or representative must complete the training and submit a copy of the certificate to ABCA within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the temporary registration.